Once Upon A Time In Hollywood's Martin Kove Once Bared ALL In Craziest Nude Scene Like Ever

July 25, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Quentin Tarantino corralled pretty much every celebrity in Hollywood for this weekend's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and because many of the actors are screen legends (or ya know, non-legends, as you soon shall see) of years past, their weird as hell retro 70's nudity is begging to be unearthed. I give you the scene you didn't know you needed from the actor you didn't know you didn't know - Martin Cove in 1971's Women in Revolt!

Martin Kove's character in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood doesn't technically have a name on IMDB:

...but I'm still banking that he's the lynchpin of the whole operation. Literally Brad Pitt who? Kove might not be famous, and for all we know he plays Old Hippie #23 in OUATIH, but dammit we're going to stan him today because this scene has to be seen! In Women in Revolt he has a very John Waters-esque ridiculously-acted fight with a woman - all while nude. We see literally every inch of this man's body. His cock. His bush. His balls. His taint. His ass. His ass lips. It lasts over two minutes, and if you think that's two minutes too many, you just wash your butt out with soap mister. This is the real story that needs to be told. You listening Quentin?


(He's twerking for Gawd's sake!)

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