Remember To Send In Your Queer Abby Questions For Some Oddly Good Advice!

July 23, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


Papa can you queer me? It's been a while since Queer Abby received letters from her tens of fans, and she's getting lonely. Queer Abby is our reoccurring advice segment, in which you write in any problems or concerns you have related to dating, relationships, sex, or just anything gay or gay-adjacent in any capacity, and we respond. In addition to getting ol' plowhorse Queer Abby's advice, our awesome readers often take to the comments to keep things real for ya, and all in all, it's a gay ol' time!

Remember that you've reached the absolute darkest, dankest, scummiest, most deplorable, disgusting, frankly unreadable corner of the Internet, so NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS. We genuinely want to hear from you, no matter what ails ya. Lastly I'd like to remind a couple of regular readers that Queer Abby has not heard from them and that she does take it personally.

You can email Queer Abby at or you can use our anonymous Google Form. TTYL bitches!

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