Would You Rather Finger You: Nick Jonas Or Joe Jonas DAD BOD EDITION

July 23, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency

And I oop. Today we're putting our thing down, flipping it, and - dare we go further? Hell, let's be young again - reversing it by deciding which half of a celebrity duo you want to put HIS finger inside of YOU. Usually with our Pulitzer Prize-winning Who'd You Rather Finger posts we choose a celeb based on who YOU would want to put your finger in, obvy, but this super special DAD BOD edition calls for a slight tweak to the equation.

Fans of the Jonas Dy-nasty probably remember that in 2017 Joe Jonas debuted a breathtaking dad bod while on a yacht. Turns out he was just paving the way for his younger brother Nick Jonas, because just this week he stepped out on his very own yacht with his very own dad bawdy awdy awdy! Complete with an ass that's so luscious, incredible, edible that it's spilling out over the side of his tiny shorts - sort of like where love handles would usually be! (Don't believe commenter celtic.dick. They're NOT LOVE HANDLES.) Dem's ass handles.

Take a look at the two gorgeous dudes at their daddy peak and let us know which one you'd like to finger... you...



Photo Credit: MEGA

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