Pete Buttigieg Fanfiction Contest WINNER ANNOUNCED! Read The Winning Fanfic HERE

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The winner of the 2019 International Pete Buttigieg Fanfiction Contest is commenter BenfromWI! We ended up getting a lot of great emails from you guys, and I want to truly thank everyone who participated in the most iconic and esteemed Pete Buttigieg Fanfiction Contest ever held.

BenfromWI really knocked the ball out of the park with his satirical account of Pete Buttigieg's interaction with local police authorities of color. Honestly this thing is The Onion quality, and while the impetus behind the First Annual 2019 International Pete Buttigieg Fanfiction Contest was that I thought it would be weird and funny, and that I lowkey want to South Bend over Pete Buttigieg's hot little Christian bod, BenfromWI's topical political take is ::chef's kiss::

Well, here it is! BenfromWI gets a handful of hot gay porn DVDs and the prestige of whatever the hell this is we're doing. Let me know in the comments if you want more fanfiction contests in the future. Nick and Joe Jonas you say? NO I WOULD NEVER. Seriously that's gross. Anyway, thanks Ben!



Mayor Pete knew he had to do something, ever since that boy was shot in South Bend all anyone wanted to talk about was how racist his police force was. In the first debate Pete tried to apologize for the episode and move past the issue, but in the weeks after its kept following him. Buttigieg knew he had to do something to gain back black support. Discussing it with his husband, they decided the best course of action would be to get the African American Police Officers of South Bend to publicly defend Mayor Pete.

So Mayor Pete reached out to the highest ranking black officer in South Bend, a precinct captain, and asked what he could do he to ease tensions with black police officers. The Captain's answer was short and sweet, "You can give up your ass to us". Buttigieg was stunned and replied that the Captain must be kidding. The Captain said no, there were only 6 active African American Officers working in South Bend and every one of them wanted to drop a load in Mayor Pete. Pete was taken aback by the statement but knew he needed the support of the officers if he was going to maintain his place in the presidential race. Reluctantly he agreed and made arrangements to fly back to South Bend.

Upon arriving at the hotel that the Captain told him to be at, Buttigieg couldn't help but get a little excited. After all, he hadn't been gang fucked since his last deployment in Afghanistan and sex with his husband is very vanilla. So when he made it up to the hotel room and got showered up, and as he laid face down ass up on the hotel bed eagerly awaiting the arrival of 6 big black police officers, he couldn't help but get excited. Soon his mouth and ass would be filled with big black cock and he could relive his glory days as a cumdump in the military.

And for the next four hours that's exactly what he was, a cumdump. The police officers dropped so many loads in Mayor Pete that at halfway through the Police Captain had to empty the cum out of Pete's overflowing ass. After it was over and the police all thanked Pete and left the Captain stayed behind and talked to Pete about fulfilling his end of the bargain. He's scheduled to go on CNN tomorrow and talk about how much of an ally Mayor Pete is to the African American community.


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