Okay NOW We Have A Good Butt Shot Of Midsommar's Jack Reynor

July 18, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

First off, who here has seen Midsommar? I just saw it two days ago and it blew my mind man! Seriously if you caught Midsommar and have any unpopular opinions, please share in the comments. I think it's a takedown of Western culture.* Sorry I'm so bold.



Jack Reynor plays the boyfriend of the main character in Midsommar and he is one sexy fother mucker. Last week we saw his epic full-frontal nudity from Midsommar, but now, thanks to his well-timed nudity on the CBS All ASSess show Strange Angel, we have a great look at his creamy cans during a sex scene. If you saw Midsommar, you saw these same cheeks in motion, but you don't have this handy dandy gif to take to the bathroom with you for some one-on-one time with your penis as you lean over the sink for easy cleanup ; )

Reynor is very much so my type and, as we previously stated, is basically the actor that Chris Pratt was meant to be. Before he disappeared into that fateful cloud of protein powder. Never to be seen again. Jack is the future. And I want to lick his butt cheeks. Enjoy!



*(SPOILERS) Seriously tho! The loss of Deni's family left her with only a shitty boyfriend as her one true touchpoint. Her life was so precarious because she didn't have a tight-knit society to back her up when times got tough. Before Sweden, her crippling isolation fueled her anxiety attacks. Once her strong emotions were mirrored by the other women at the festival, Dani's burden was lifted. She was home. But then again I was voted Most Likely To Join A Cult.

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