Max Carter Probes Fellow Blond Muscle Boy Greyson Lane long and hard at Helix Studios!

July 18, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Introducing Greyson Lane - Helix Studios]

Max Carter interviews and introduces Greyson Lane to Helix Studios before they fuck bareback

Max Carter fucks greyson lane at helix studios
Introducing dat twink ass.

It's 2019, and these are the end times, but they are also different times. 2019 is the age of social media and we're more connected to each other and to our porn stars than ever before. While some think it's weird, some of y'all want to know what you're favorite people had for lunch.

And thus, Helix's new "Introductions" series.

By adding a human element to their porn stars, Helix is giving us a chance to connect with them in ways we haven't before.

bareback gay porn at helix studios.

Max Carter probing Greyson's ass.

And they start with Greyson Lane.

Greyson Lane at Helix Studios

Gay porn twink Greyson Lane taking some cock.

Greyson is no stranger to gay porn, but he makes his Helix Studios debut, taking resident top Max Carter's big dick.

Greyson Lane and Max Carter

Max getting probed like never before!

From Helix Studios:

After a randy round of questions in which Grayson goes in on coming out, big dicks, AND even shares a spicy story about being fucked by a straight dude in the woods! Naturally, all this dirty talk fires up the fella’s furnaces, leading Carter to worship Lane’s lean muscles as he strips him down to get at that dick. Max gives the guy a world class knob job, sucking dick and balls like a meat hungry man on the make. After, Carter climbs up on the bed for some raunchy retribution and shoves his brick hard bone in the boy’s beautiful face. Grayson goes IN on the D with a little help from Max’s masculine hand at the back of his head as he sucks cock so hard his shredded 8 pack pulses. Lane’s smooth booty is practically begging for a tongue bath and Max muscles his lusty licker deep in the hottie’s hole. Carter gives the golden god a good smack on the ass, then works his dick in deep.

What other Helix Studios model would you like to see paired with Greyson? And what do you think of Helix's introduction series?


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