Max Konner Continues His Reign at Cockyboys

July 16, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Max Konnor and Wes Russel - Cockyboys]

In His Latest Scene, Max Konner has Met His Match in Wess Russel('s Ass)

Max Konnor fucks Wess Russel

Wess Russel looks like he likes it, but where is the lube?

Are you as much confusion as I am confusion?

I thought Cockyboys, for its latest stint of models, had rented land next to the farm Sean Cody grows its models out of, and was using the same tactic to get models that all look like variations of each other.

And then they throw Max Konnor into the mix.

Gay Porn Model Max Konnor

Cockyboys?????????? model Max Konnor

And Austin Wolf too, but By and Large Max Konnor. Max, by and large, does NOT fit the Cockyboys mold - he's older, he's more muscular, he', he's bald, and so forth. And I'm not saying that same must be paired with same, or that opposites shouldn't attract. Just that it goes against the Cockyboys MO.

It reminds me of when Diesel Washington spent a short stint as a Cockyboy. And hopefully this goes better than that did.

Max Konnor Fucks Wess Russel

Max Konnor running train on all the Cockyboys.

From Cockyboys:

Muscle duo Wess Russel & Max Konnor get together and the sexual attraction is so strong they just can't define it in a few words... only action. Their condom-free scene begins sensually but before long Wess is swallowing Max's cock. Max loves it and feeding Wess' mouth but he also has his eye...and hands...on Wess' big muscle ass. Finally after lots of sucking he gets what he wants. He bends over a chair and voraciously buries his mouth and tongue on his smooth hole.

After spending some time on his hole Max also spanks Wess' granite butt and teases his hole. Then he gives Wess what he's been craving. Sliding his cock in slow Max soon goes harder to expand Wess' hole.

Out of all the Cockyboys Max has fucked, Wess looks the best.

And it's hot watching the muscle bottom take a dick as big as he is.

bareback gay porn at cockyboys

Is there anything hotter than a muscle bottom?

I know some see Max Konnor as a pick me - he'll do anything to be seen by the white man, not unlike Beaux banks. So having faith in this is tough for me.

And while I applaud Cockyboys for further bring diversity into its scenes, I still need to see a black boy on bottom for me to really get what they're saying. I know I'm beating a dead horse at this point, but until we see more black guys on bottom (we're not all just tops) then I don't really believe in diversity.

This is like a quarter step in the right direction, but I want to see what the other three quarters of the step look like too.

Max Konnor rims Wess Russel


What do you think of Max Konnor's Stint at Cockyboys? Which Cockyboy should he fuck next?


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