If Logan Moore Asked You to Give Him a "Good Start" to the Day, How Would You Help?

July 15, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Logan's Butler - Men At Play]

When Stud Logan Moore asked his Butler JP Dubois to give him a "Good Start" to the day, JP Dubois did what any good manservant would do...

He gave Logan a nice flip-flop fuck, obviously.

JP Dubois sucks Logan Moore at Men At Play

Logan Moore has his manservant take care of him!

What is with Logan Moore and pretending to be really rich in porn?

Remember "The Chosen Few" from Naked Sword, where he had a boy (Alam Wernik), a security guard (Arad Winwin) and a yacht?

[WATCH: The Chosen Few: Episode One "The Chosen One" - Naked Sword Originals]

Well Logan Moore is rich again, or is playing one in gay porn.

This time, he has a butler! And it's none other than sexy stud muffin JP Dubois. JP Dubois has spent almost a decade in front of the gay porn camera, but is aging like a fine wine - he keeps looking better and better!

JP Dubois fucks Logan Moore at Men At Play

Butler JP Dubois sure knows how to keep his client Logan Moore's mind off things.

From Men At Play:

Logan is up bright and early after a long flight and his personal butler JP is getting him caught up to speed on the full day of meetings that lay ahead. Worried that the jet lag has gotten the best of him, he asks JP to shuffle a few things around in his schedule so he can take some time to unwind and get a good start to the day.

Any good butler knows full well what a "Good Start" to the day entails. He gets to work massaging out all of Logan's tension, right down to his throbbing cock just begging to come out to play. When JP uses Logan's tie to dab and taste the juicy precum leaking off his tip, you know this scene is going to deliver in a way that only JP and Logan can.

I guess one of the perks of being rich is that you can pay all the hot people to keep company around you?

Logan Moore Fucks JP Dubois

Is this how you start your day?

Then again, good help IS hard to find these days. So when the help is hot, you keep them around.

JP Dubois fucks Logan Moore at Men At Play

You can't underestimate good help these days.

If Logan Moore Asked You to Give Him a "Good Start" to the Day, How Would You Help?


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