FANFICTION CONTEST WITH PRIZE: Best Pete Buttigieg Fanfiction Wins!

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We're doing a fan fiction contest, and the winner gets SIX awesome gay porn DVDs mailed to them. This was my brainchild and I basically demanded that I be allowed to create this contest, so if no one participates, I will be in gay tears. And not just for myself. For the world. As it deserves, no, needs some Pete Buttigieg fanfiction. From YOU!

In case you sidestepped Tumblr entirely, fanfiction is erotic fictional narrative usually involving celebrities or pop culture icons. For reference, here's some Harry Potter and Ron Wesley fanfiction. The classics never die.

Today you are going to be crafting short fanfic, because who has the time these days, and the subject must LGBTQ icon, presidential candidate, sex symbol, and current mayor of 14 people in the middle of nowhere - Pete Buttigieg! The circumstances of his sexual encounter (who, what, when, where, why, how... big is it) are up to YOU, the novelist extraordinaire. He has a super hot hubby who definitely takes the brunt of Pete's load at the end of a long hard day. Could be a fun choice. He also just had this tête-à-tête with Anderson Cooper. The sexual tension? Palp-a-fucking-ble.




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It's time for the next generation to step up.

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Or I mean I GUESS you could write about Pete and his_excellency. On Pete's next tour of Chicago. I get a mysterious Disqus comment. 'Meet on the top of the Sears tower.' I wait for a long time. Too long. Fighting back tears, I turn to leave. Just as the security guards are locking up, I run into Pete's big dick that looks like this. Then he buys me a new notebook for our new life together. Lol anyway.


All six of these awesome DVDs!



Leave your short fanfiction in the comments below, or email it to We will decide the winner one week from now (so on 7/19) and will contact them for a mailing address in order to ship the DVDs. In picking the winner, we're looking for clarity of narrative, creativity, and most importantly, hotness level (this is Pete fother mucking Buttigieg we're talking about people!) HAVE FUN.


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