Ass-Out Jake Weary And Spencer Treat Clark Enjoy Unspecified Gay Activities In The Shower!

July 10, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


The last time we checked out Animal Kingdom's resident ex Hollister models Jake Weary And Spencer Treat Clark, they were walking around nude and prepping to fuck on the bathroom sink. In the most recent episode (which actually went under my radar a full week ago. Can you ever forgive me??) titled "Into the Black," they're still showing off their tan lined asses, and they're still in the bathroom. But this time around they lean in for some almost kissing while like, maybe touching dicks or something! They both do like a little moaning, or maybe it's just breathing, before the scrufftastic Jake Weary says "I love you." Then you think they're going to make out, but they just kind of air kiss on the neck. Someone call FEMA, because your pussy is a disaster area!



But honestly. This scene could have been a lot hotter if it leaned into the fact that Animal Kindgom has no oversight and is completely rogue and is basically The Heart of Darkness for sexy gay beach bums. However I'm not going to kick Jake and Spencer out of bed for not plowing each other on camera. They need to save something for season five. The series hasn't been renewed yet, but considering Animal Kingdom is actually one of TNT's highest-rated shows, don't be surprised if we're still talking about ex Hollister models almost fucking in bathrooms 10 years from now. I wouldn't have it any other way!


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