Blake Effortley Has Bottomed, But Now We Get To See How Great He Can Top!

July 8, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Blake Effortley and Elye Black - Active Duty]

Blake Effortley gives Elye Black's Ass the pounding it deserves at Active Duty

Blake Effortley fucks Elye Black

Looks like Blake Effortley is as great at topping as he is at bottoming...

I missed his solo debut, but ever since I saw his hardcore debut, I've been hooked on Blake Effortley.

[WATCH: Blake Effortly and Bradley Hayes - Active Duty]

But at the same time, it's easy to see why.

Blake has a great face, an equally great physique, and a cock that is beautiful to look at. Imagine being as lucky as Elye Black, and getting to have that in and around your face and ass.

Active Duty Models Elye Black and Blake Effortley

Muscular lads Blake Effortley and Elye Black looking macho as heck

Blake obviously loves bottoming, but now we get to see him top as well!

His debut scene was a flip flop with Scott Hayes. They he took Scott Finn's cock rather beautifully. Now we get to see him put those abs to use as he uses them to give Elye Black a great ass-pounding.

Blake Effortley bareback fucks Elye Black at Active Duty

Watching Blake Effortley's body flex as he pounds Elye Black is a thing of beauty.

From Active Duty:

Blake Effortley kicks back and watches as every inch of his hard dick is licked and sucked. He moans with every touch of Elye Black's tongue on his shaft and all the drool coming from his mouth makes Blake's cock so slick. Blake continues to face fuck Elye balls deep making him gag on his hard cock. Elye loves having that dick in his mouth but he is just to eager to get fucked by Blake so they stop the cock sucking and Elye bends his smooth shaved ass over.

But looking at them suck each other's cocks DOES look oh so good...

Elye Black sucks Blake Effortley

Blake Effortley - Built like a statue, including his cock

But watching them fuck looks even better. They both look like they're in ecstasy!

Blake Effortley Fucks Elye Black

Think Elye likes Blake's dick?

Elye looks like he can handle whatever Blake gives him - even a rough pounding on his back.

Bareback Gay Porn at Active Duty

Blake looks like he can give it good...

Both guys look satisfied as Elye is covered in cum!

Gay Cumshot at Active Duty

A job well done.

How do you prefer Blake Effortley - On top, or on bottom?


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