Open Post: If You Could Only Fuck ONE Gay Pornstar, Who Would It Be?

July 2, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


You probably weren't ready to answer a question that not only defines who you are as a person, but also frankly the kind of a person you want to become, when you typed ol' Fleshbot into your browser. But answer you must. This is huge. This is your Mr. Holland's Opus. Or something. Today you have to sift through your spank bank and decide, definitively, which ONE gay pornstar you would fuck if given the opportunity! This is a safe space and no one will be judged in any capacity, so now's your opportunity to cement your legacy of horniness in the stone tablet that is the Fleshbot Gay comment section.

Oh, me? IfImust. It shouldn't reeeeallllly come as a surprise that I'm going to dip into the Cody, Sean file of my Roladicks and find someone with an amazing ass, cock, body, and of course.... balls. Aka Tanner. I'm legitimately so excited to see which gay pornstars you guys lust after 'til death do you part, so get to thinking and let us know below!

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