Nikko Russo is mostly a top, but one look at Thyle Knoxx and he wants a flip-fuck!

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[WATCH: Thyle Knox and Nikko Russo - Cockyboys]

Twinky Eastern Europeans Thyle Knox and Nikko Russo Flip-Fuck bareback in Cockyboys' latest scene

Thyle Knox fucks Nikko Russo

Thyle Knox tapping that ass

Looks like the emphasis is on "mostly" with Nikko Russo. Then again, when the spirit moves any of us, who can say where our desires take us? Some are better than others at suppressing their cravings, but some of us have to scratch the urge every now and then.

Nikko definitely wanted to top, but in this particular occasion, wanted some dick too.

But before it was inside him, he wanted it in his mouth.

Nikko Russo Sucks Thyle Knox at Cockyboys

Sometimes the spirit moves you to be a little submissive.

From Cockyboys:

A little mutual hands-free crotch rubbing leads to Thyle sitting on Nikko's lap for some romantic making out getting his hole finger-teased. Soon clothes come off and Thyle hungrily sucks Nikko's rigid rod and big balls. And in time he turns his attention to eating out his smooth hole.

After considerable spit-lubing Thyle slides in his cock and gives Nikko the fucking he's been craving. The sounds of Nikko's moans and his balls slapping his butt drives Thyle to happily fuck him harder. And though Nikko loves it, he wants his turn too and in a fairly smooth turnaround he's thrusting deeo into Thyle doggy-style on the four-poster bed. Nikko also gets his turn at sucking Thyle before resuming his pounding of him on his back.

Nikko may be a formidable top, but looks like he can take it too.

Thyle Knox Fucks Nikko Russo bareback

Nikko gets the fucking he's been craving!

But in between getting fucked, he gives Thyle some of his dick too!

Nikko Russo Fucks Thyle Knox

Nikko Russo pays Thyle back with a fucking of his own.

Looks like Thyle can take the dick too...

Nikko Russo Fucks Thyle Knox Bareback at cockyboys

Nice flip-flop action at Cockyboys.

Would one look at Thyle Knox make YOU want to bottom, like Nikko Russo?

Or are you a bottom anyway?


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