Blake Effortly and Bradley Hayes Lose Their Virginities to Each Other In A Flip-Flop Fuck At Active Duty!

May 1, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Blake Effortly and Bradley Hayes - Active Duty]

Just some short introductions to the Active Duty audience, and Blake Effortly and Bradley Hayes ripped each other a new asshole

Blake Effortly fucks Bradley Hayes

Bradley Hayes gets fucked for the first time.

Do you remember losing your virginity? Mine was senior year with my BF at the time - he was rather hung, so I felt like I was getting split in two (the second time was good though - this is why I say "you must try everything twice" now.)

But Blake Effortly and Bradley Hayes didn't have that problem. Unless they're lying (and who isn't lying - what have you lied about today?) both guys loved getting their shit packed in.

Blake loved it a little more though - we may have found the bottom of the two!

Blake Effortly and Bradley Hayes

Blake loved getting his shit packed in

From Active Duty:

They give us a quick introduction and right into it they go. Blake Effortly wraps his mouth around that big cock eagerly and sucks every inch of it. Bradley Hayes uses his hands to push Blake down on his dick which makes Blake gag on it but he loves every minute of it. Bradley ends up being the first to get his virgin ass fucked and Blake lies him down on his back and pushes his cock deep into that tight smooth ass. Bradley's fresh ass can only take a pounding for so long and the time has come for Blake's turn. Bradley takes aim and fires his cock deep into Blakes virgin ass making him squirm with delight and pain. He doesn't want Bradley to slow down at all and he wants it hard and fast.

But before Blake got fucked, he had to suck Bradley off!

Blake looks comfortable with a cock in his mouth.

Blake Effortly sucks Bradley Hayes

Blake looks like he likes sucking cock...

He got it so rough he had to grab the sheets!

gay bareback sex at active duty

Bradley using those strong legs to fuck Blake nice and good

Were you excited to lose your virginity as Blake Effortly and Bradley Hayes were? Did it feel as good as they made it out to feel?


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