Noooo! Trivago Guy Arrested Passed Out Behind Wheel In Moving Traffic

April 12, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


The words "Fleshbot Gay" and "Trivago guy" should be synonymous at this point, which is why I'm devastated to find out that Trivago guy, or Tim Williams if yo nasty, was arrested for DWI in Houston when he was found passed out behind the wheel of a car in moving traffic. Williams' foot was on the break, but the car was again, in moving traffic. Now THAT is dedication to being a fuck up.



Since Tim Williams is hot, I'm going to feel bad for him and assume he's the innocent victim of... IDK... the pressures of celebrity? He's definitely not simply reckless and addicted to painkillers ;) The fifty-two-year-old actor-turned-spokesperson was released on bail, but in the process of being booked, he gave us this headshot (top of page) that can only be described as smoldering. I just can't quit this man! Here's what Trivago had to say to CNN about the arrest:

At this stage, we do not have the full details of the situation, but we want to make clear that Trivago treats such incidents very seriously and strongly condemns drinking and driving, which poses a risk to others and goes against the Trivago culture.

"Trivago culture" being DILF porn. CNN, no joke, added this in their coverage of Tim's arrest:

...In later ads, he came across as more polished -- his hair nicely tousled and a fashionable touch of facial stubble.

It's like we all turn into Danielle Steel when talking about the Trivago guy, even when he's a criminal. Honestly I'm glad that no one was hurt and I hope Tim gets the help he needs so that I can picture his deep ocean blue eyes staring into the back of my head for years to come!


Photo Credit: MEGA, Trivago YouTube

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