Two Baseball Players Are Going Viral For Grabbing Each Other's Penises On TV

April 11, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


No one knows his way around another guy's genitals like a straight man, and if you don't believe me, why, just check out this video of two Texas Rangers grabbing each other's external organ wads in celebration of a home run on live television! The cup cupping is just one component of their elaborate manly man handshake. Ass tapping is the standard-issue way for one manly man athlete to nonverbally communicate with another manly man athlete, but ball fondling is apparently on the rise, and I live! The two guys in the video are Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara, and I would just like to congratulate them on their... whatever the fuck this is. Sigh. Straight guys.



Also I'm stealing this related and thot-provoking Barbara Kruger tie-in from Out Magazine:


It's true!

Photo Credit: Twitter via Fox Sports

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