Landon Works Over Cole's Abs and Cock at Sean Cody!

April 11, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Landon and Cole - Sean Cody]

The Interracial Sex Scene we deserve from Sean Cody comes through in rare form.

I know I gripe about Black men only being perceived as tops, but the fact that a Black man is even on Sean Cody (yes, I know it's happened before, but it's rare, so chill) is a win in itself.

Landon Fucks Cole at Sean Cody

Landon gives Cole the Ultimate workout.

From Sean Cody:

After teaching Cole how to train his abs, rock hard Landon shows him how to take his cock. "I heard a rumor that not only is he a good guy but he can take a good pounding," says Landon. "I typically like rough sex. I like someone that can take charge, toss me around a little bit," says Cole. "I'm excited to see how much of a pounding he can take because I'm ready to give one," says Landon excited to "get kind of kinky and get kind of freaky and let it all out."

Besides those shaved pubes, Landon is not a bad scene partner to have by any means!

Boys stop shaving your pubes completely off! Hair is great!

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Landon is ripped so he's obvi no stranger to working out.

To loosen the mood, the guys hang out at the park before fucking.

That's one way to get the blood flowing...

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Landon may be strong, but Cole can certainly hold his own!

Once the blood was flowing and the clothes were off, the boys didn't waste any time getting to some oral fun.

cole rims landon at sean cody

Landon may be a top, but loves getting his hole eaten.

And didn't waste any time with condoms either!

landon fucks cole at sean cody

Using that athleticism in a different form!

Landon worked Cole over in a few different positions before finally working the cum out of his cock!

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Getting jacked off as you get fucked is the ultimate feeling, is it not?

What do you think of Sean Cody's new scene? Would you rather be Landon or Cole?


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