Active Duty's New Model Ivan D May Be Their Best Find Yet!

April 10, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Ivan D - Active Duty]

Active Duty has been on a great streak of beautiful new models, and handsome bodybuilder Ivan D may be their peak.

Ivan D at Active Duty

Even laying down, Ivan D is a huge hunk of muscle

Ok I know I've been on an Active Duty streak lately, so apologize kinda. But Active Duty has been on a GOOD streak lately. I've said in the past that they can be hit or miss, but lately they've been all hit and NO miss. So I must follow the good, for it is my job.

Just last week, Russian bodybuilder Alexander Maximus made his debut:

[WATCH: Alexander Maximus - Active Duty]

And Arlington Jones set off the streak at Active Duty of gorgeous models:

[WATCH: Arlington Jones - Active Duty]

And now they debut this gorgeous hunk:

Who looks just as good in clothes as he does out of them.

New porn model Ivan D

Don't you wish you were that pair of briefs

From Active Duty:

Ivan D is a big muscular man who spends quality time in the gym and he's on a very strict diet. He's glad he can finally get a break and rest up on our bed to show off all his goods. Ivan doesn't waste any time as he begins to take his clothes off. His wide chest and amazing body are amazing to look at as he strokes his uncut cock. His dick his huge hard and very veiny and he loves to stroke it slowly showing off every inch of his sexy dick. Once Ivan stands up and continues to stroke his dick you can see his full balls from underneath and his firm thighs quiver as he masturbates for us.

He looks like he has a stronghold on that uncut cock, which is just as veiny as he:

Ivan D

Don't you wish you were Ivan D's hand right now?

And then he lays down to jack, giving us a better view:

Ivan D at Active Duty

Don't you wish you were in between Ivan D's legs right now?

Only disappointment from Ivan D: Tiny cumshot.

But smaller cleanup, so I guess it's fine.

Ivan D Cumshot

Ivan D gives me vibes of now-retired Pavel Novotny. Anyone else agree?

Both handsome, both muscular, both uncut.

Gay Porn model pavel novotny

Does Ivan D Resemble Pavel Novotny?

What do you think of Ivan D? Who at Active Duty would you like to see him paired with?


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