Sean Cody Rewind: Tanner's Mouthwatering Balls Slapping Against Graham's Taint Stole 2014

April 4, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Ah, 2014. What. A. Year. Guardians of the Galaxy soared at the Box Office, meaning Chris Pratt and his newly A-list 'roid bod were probably already cheating on Anna Faris. A talented and uncontroversial singer by the name of Iggy Azalea released the song Fancy. I turned twenty-one. Yeah, twenty-one. But the best part of 2014? Tanner's truly mouthwatering ball sac pounding against the model-gorgeous Graham's wanting taint over at Sean Cody!

Ah, ball sacs. Honestly the pairing of Graham and Tanner is the kind of stuff Sean Cody creams are made of, and the way Tanner masterfully tends to Graham's prostate with his perfect cock will leave you breathless. Do you also want to spear something gooey between Graham's crackers? Spillz!

See the full scene here

And one more look at those balls...

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