Colby Jansen Revenge-Fucks Billy Santoro at Icon Male

April 2, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "Revenge Two: Scene Three" - Icon Male]

When Billy Santoro catches his husband Colby Jansen talking shit about him, the two end up in a rough hate-fuck

Looks like it ended well. Wonder if Billy was still mad after he got his hole plowed?

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Revenge is served sweet (if he eats pineapple).

As we all know, relationships have their ups and downs. And when they have their downs, sometimes you need to vent. Billy caught Colby venting about him to a friend, and Billy went to confront him.

After they had some words, Colby confronted Billy...with his cock.

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Is this what a revenge fuck looks like?

From Icon Male:

Love is an emotional roller coaster, with any relationship there is always the risk of temptation which could possibly lead to infidelity. When someone betrays your trust, there is nothing more satisfying than seeking revenge. Get ready for the most stunning Icon Male performers caught up in the most seductive love affairs. Lust takes over and explodes with the sweetest revenge.

And once the cock was out, Billy forgot what he was mad about.

Billy Santoro Rims Colby Jansen

Once Billy remembered how good Colby's cock tasted...

And once Colby's tongue was in his ass, it was game over.

Dick is a wonderful thing, but tongue is just as good.

Colby Jansen Rims Billy Santoro

Colby must be really good at eating ass...

And then they're lovers again.

Colby Jansen fucks billy santoro

Once the dick goes in, everyone forgets what they were mad about.

But not before Colby gives it to Billy good and rough.

revenge at icon male

Colby giving it to Billy rough like they both needed.

Have you ever hate-fucked anyone like Colby fucks Billy at Icon Male?


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