Queer Abby Is Changing The World Baby! Check Out A Reader's Update, And Remember To Send Us Your Questions!

March 21, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


When we started Queer Abby four minutes ago, we could have never anticipated the profound effect our simple little homosexual advice column would have on gays all over the world. But here we are. Here I am. Just a boy. Standing in front of a gurl. Yikes I'm stroking out guys. Anyway our super sweet question asker from last week was kind enough to provide an update, and I wanted to make sure that the Fleshbot celebs who took the time to offer their advice - celtic.dick, Athari8178, and UserSimon - as well as anyone else interested, saw the comment! From Horny Coworker:

Hey everyone! I'm the Horny Coworker :) first of all thanks to all of you for the feedbacks! I know that I might have sounded too hesitant and inexperienced, but that's because I work in a small studio (we don't have HR) in Europe, where harassment at work is not regulated the same way as it is in the US, and people are not always aware of the implications of certain behaviors... so I don't have many cases to which compare this one! But depite all of this, I decided to follow Queer Abby's advice and this morning I asked him out for drinks. He seemed surprised, but he accepted (with a smirk, I still don't know how to interpret it), so I guess I'll keep you posted, if you want! Thanks again guys :)

Remember to send in your questions to Queer Abby by emailing his_excellency@fleshbot.com. Thanks!


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