Beau Mirchoff Has Such A Hairy Ass On Now Apocalypse That It Gives Me Pause

March 20, 2019 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

Honestly and tbh, the hottest thing in all the gay land is a twunk-esque (Beau Mirchoff circa five years ago) to hairy-but-not-necessarily-exceptionally-hairy (Beau Mirchoff circa now) guy who secretly has a Patagonia fleece jacket covering his ass cheeks! Rite? Warm yet breathable, and always ruggedly fashionable. Anyway in walks the aforementioned Beau, who is the latest cutie to grace the Dark Gay Web-approved Starz series Now Apocalypse. In the second episode, Mirchoff reveals his fuzzy for the Gay Gawds ass while banging a lucky chick!

Mirchoff previously delivered some sexy shirtlessness in the series Awkward and The Fosters, but this is his first nude scene to date. And I like it. I love it. Quite frankly, I want some more of it. We'll be watching to see what the thirty-year-old hottie does next. Hopefully, that will be revealing his massive thick tangled mangled newfangled man bush!

Head here for the full scene

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