Sean Shows Mick The Ropes At Sean Cody

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[WATCH: Mick and Sean - Sean Cody]

Mick has made a few appearances at Sean Cody, but Sean teaches Mick to suck cock and bottom as they flip-flop fuck

Sean fucks Mick at Sean Cody

Think Mick likes Sean's cock?

While it can be fun to fumble around and learn as you go, it can be even FUNNER to have a coach teach you the ropes. What's even better is if your coach is well-versed, well-built (both muscular and hung), and if its your thing, attractive by European beauty standards.

So when Mick returned to Sean Cody to flip-flop fuck with Sean, he was in luck, as Sean is all of those things.

Then again, Mick is hung himself! Should be fun. :-)

Sean Cody Models Mick and Sean

Mick and Sean are both hung!

After his solo appearance, Mick's first guy-guy scene was with sexy Marco:

However, he only topped.


And this scene started OUT like that.

Mick fucks Sean bareback at Sean Cody

Mick fucking Sean bareback.

From Sean Cody:

Sexy stud Sean and tall handsome Mick are both blessed with huge dicks. They're about to shoot it out on the court before shooting all over each other in the bedroom. "Leave the basketball courts to you and the bedsheets and pillows to me," Sean tells Mick. Sean has a mischievous smile as he grills Mick about what's to come. "Have you ever sucked dick before," Sean asks. "No I have not," responds Mick. "Well that's going to happen today," Sean says smiling. "Did you ever eat ass before," Sean asks. "No I have not," responds Mick. "Well that's going to happen today," says Sean. "For the grand finale, have you ever been fucked before," asks Sean. "No I have not," responds Mick. "Oh well, that's definitely going to happen today!" Exclaims Sean.

Mick looks happy as a clam eating ass...

Mick rims sean at Sean Cody

Mick losing his rimming virginity. Think he likes it?

He also looks eager to suck cock...

Mick sucks cock at Sean Cody

Think Mick likes Sean's cock in his mouth?

And takes cock like a champ.

Mick gets fucked at Sean Cody

Maybe this isn't his first time.

Do you prefer Mick on top or on bottom? What other Sean Cody models would you like to see him paired with?


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