Taylor Reign Fucks Grayson Lange Raw at Cockyboys

March 5, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Taylor Reign and Grayson Lange Raw - Cockyboys]

Not only does Taylor Reign Fuck Grayson Lange, he gives Grayson his first taste of BDSM play, complete with candle wax and bondage ropes

Grayson Lange sucks Taylor Reign

Now that Grayson is tied up, Taylor can have his way.

Cockyboys? More like kinky boys....

From Cockyboys:

Grayson Lange returns for some kinky fun courtesy of Taylor Reign! Grayson is fairly new to bondage and Taylor is eager to show him the ropes...literally. He ties Grayson's legs, binds his wrists over his head, and kisses him and fondles his body and growing cock while he blindfolds him. Visual deprivation coupled with his near-ticklish sensitivity makes Grayson harder and Taylor coaxes his erection more with sucking and gentle stroking. And then he brings out an unlit candle to run over his body in preparation for what's next.

Taylor begins the fun of tying up his mate - he binds his hands, one...of...his legs (?) and blindfolds him.

Why not both?

BDSM porn at Cockyboys

Does Grayson know what's in store?

After he tied up his mate, Taylor lights a candle and uses it on Grayson's chest.

The depravity of senses matched with the heat of the candle is enough to get Grayson extremely hard.

Kinky porn with candlewax at Cockyboys

Bondage? Candle wax? oh my.

After some oral fun on both ends, Taylor plunges dick-deep into Grayson's hole.

Bareback Gay Porn at Cockyboys

Bouncing on Daddy Taylor's cock.

As Taylor pounds Grayson from behind, Grayson jacks along, loving all the new sensations.

Taylor Reign fucks Grayson Lange

Looks like BDSM play turned Grayson on...

After they switch positions, Grayson finally shoots his load all over himself.

Grayson Lange cumshot at cockyboys

Covered in Candle wax, and his own wax.

Think Cockyboys will shoot Grayson in another light bondage scene?


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