Okay, The Jonas Brothers All Kinda Look Like They're In A Tub Together In New Video

March 1, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


For a brief couple of seconds Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas all sort of appear to be in a tub together in their new music video (that's right, they're back!) for the single Sucker. This is the one and only reason I am covering this new Jonasty venture. As you know I said goodbye to Nick the minute I realized his years of gay-baiting wasn't going to materialize in his penis in my lower intestine.

So here we are! The music video is one of those quasi-Alice in Wonderland garden party whatever things that frankly Drag Race alum Manila Luzon did better, and for probably a hundredth of the budget, in her Go Fish music video. The Jonasties are all joined by their wives for the Sucker music video, but we get a brief reprieve from Beardfest USA at the 1:29 minute mark, when we see all the bros shirtless in tubs!

While we eventually find out that they're each soaking in their own separate tub, due to some (what I solemnly do swear is intentional) editing, we first think that Nick and Kevin are sudsing it up together. Then starcrossed lovers Nick and Joe! Jk that would be gross. While I can't sign off on much here, there will always be a place for Nick Jonasty's stank pit hair on Fleshbot Gay, and there will always be a place for Nick and Joe giving each other soapy handjobs in the tub. Lol seriously JK! That would be GROSSSSSSSS!


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