Active Duty Debuts New Model Arlington Jones

February 28, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Arlington Jones - Active Duty]

Muscular Latino stud Arlington Jones shows off his impressive body and works his nice cock for you.

Arlington Jones - Active Duty

Look at Arlington Jones's body.

Active Duty doesn't always get it right - some of their models are hit and miss. But when they get it right, MAN do they get it right.

Case in point: Arlington Jones.

That skin. That body. And most importantly, THAT COCK. I may jump through my computer (or jack off before finishing writing this? Who knows)

From Active Duty:

Arlington Jones sat down with us and once he was done with his introduction he slowly began taking off all his clothes. He loves to wear boxer briefs because of the snug feel as he walks around in public. You can see his huge bulge through the boxers and once he takes them off his big hard cock is ready to roll. He starts tugging at his big smooth balls while stroking his throbbing cock. His big muscular thighs flex as he stands up pulling on his dick building up his big full balls. Once he gets back on the bed he spreads his legs wide and starts teasing his virgin hole. You can hear the lube as he strokes his dick faster and faster and his moans begin to peak as the enjoyment is becoming more intense.

Arlington Jones is even impressive with (some of his) clothes on - talk about a smile!

Arlington Jones at Active Duty


Hell - after working his own cock and getting covered in cum, he looks amazing.

Gay Porn Model Arlington Jones

What would you do with Arlington Jones?

What do you think of Arlington Jones? Whom at Active Duty would you like to see him paired with?


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