Queer Abby: Ask His_Excellency And Friends Your Dirtiest Questions For Our New Column!

February 26, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


Now that I've demonstrated that I can juggle at least two frankly Pulitzer-worthy reoccurring posts - Sean Cody Rewind and Who'd You Rather Finger - I thought it would be a good time to throw a Dark Gay Web advice column into the mix here at Fleshbot Gay! It's going to be called Queer Abby, because, Pulitzer, and since Dan Savage I am not, I'll be looking for everyone to chime in below in the comments to help our question asker out of their binds!

Anyone looking to air out their dirty laundry (sex questions, relationship advice, fantasies about the Jonas brothers, etc.)  can email me at his_excellency@fleshbot.com, and I'll post your question here anonymously with my own fresh perspective. I'm expecting all of our Fleshbot Gay celebs (celtic.dick, budy920, Sean, Charlie_Jackpot, Athari8178, UserSimon, hhh, Velvet, you know who you are) to give their 2 cents or else this won't really work. Queer Abby will see you now!

Email questions to his_excellency@fleshbot.com

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