JJ Knight and Nic Sahara Have Raw Fun In A Garage at Hot House Studios

February 21, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "Raw Workloads: Episode Two" - Hot House Studios]

Once the garage is clean, Nic Sahara and JJ Knight have room to get dirty!

So much room for activities.

gay bareback porn at hot house

Nic is a master at taking JJ's cock.

From Hot House:

JJ Knight and Nic Sahara have been hired to organize a client's garage. After finishing the job, the two jocks play around on some gym equipment. As Nic shows JJ how many pull-ups he can do, JJ pulls down Nic's pants and starts eating his smooth hole. All the licking makes Nic rock-hard and he turns around to let JJ suck his long, uncut cock. With Nic's used-up undies pressed to his nose and Nic's dick in his mouth, JJ can't get enough of the hung stud. JJ needs his massive dick sucked too and pulls down his pants to reveal his mouth-watering monster cock. Nic can't resist the sight and gets on his knees to service JJ's pole to the base. After sucking JJ, Nic is ready for his friend in his ass and bends over to take it all.

And by "take it all" I'm not sure Nic realize HOW MUCH JJ was working with.

JJ has one of the biggest cocks in the business - is that thing a foot long?

Gay Porn Star JJ Knight

JJ's dick is like a foot long.

Then again, Nic has a great ass, and it looks like he was ready to take it no matter what.

So cute and bubbly.

Gay porn star nic sahara

Does Nic have the perfect ass?

Once JJ saw Nic's ass, he HAD to drive his tongue into it.

jj knight rims nic sahara

The work is over, and now the fun can begin!

And then once he was open, he HAD to drive his dick inside!

jj knight fucks nic sahara

JJ sure knows how to lay pipe, and has a lot of pipe to work with!

Nic's ass felt so good, he had to cum inside it.

Raw workloads - hot house studios

Would you call this an internal cumshot?

Looks like Nic and JJ will have to clean up again! Will they get paid extra?

Where is your favorite place to get dirty? The garage, like JJ and Nic, or elsewhere?


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