Wait, Michael B. Jordan's Huge Penis Was Photographed By The Paps In 2015

February 12, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


In 2015 Michael B. Jordan was well on his way to superstardom with his breakout role in Creed. However with his biggest hit Black Panther still three years away, he was not the A-lister that he is today. I say this because it's the only way to possibly explain my complete celeb nudity blind spot that is Michael B. Jordan's huge beach penis!

Apparently in 2015 the paps caught Jordan changing on the beach. His body is damn near perfect, and his dick is chunkier than it is in your wettest dreams. And if it's not as chunky as it is in your wettest dreams, then, congrats. Dream big. Anyway it looks like Jordan's cock is uncut for the Gay Gawds, and all in, this has to be one of the best celebrity penis sightings in the history of the universe. The image is so rare and surprising - yet oddly readily available for viewing - that it kind of reminds me of Prince William's thick pissing cock shot. It's that fucking big! And speaking of big, hit the link below to see Michael B. Jordan's dick.

Head HERE to see Michael B. Jordan's penis

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