Is Legal Male Prostitution Headed to Nevada?

February 13, 2019 | Posted in gay by kwelcome

Put Prostitution in the Constitution?

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Of all the 50 states that make up the USA, only one grants the exclusive legal privilege of selling one’s body. Though you would think with all the talk of body positivity, equal rights, and giving the right to choose that putting prostitution in the constitution would become our next greatest feat—but no. The laws that govern legal prostitution in Nevada are not created equal and are problematic in a number of ways. The famous Bunny Ranch is, however, hoping to see change in the way prostitution is governed in the state so they can begin to offer male prostitutes a safe environment to make their coins.


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As we all know by now, the way things are worded in law matter. When you say marriage is between a man and a woman, then that’s what it means—of course, having further defined what a man and woman is. Yes, it gets complicated, and, many times, petty. The language of the Nevada law specify that the prostitutes who get the access to legal work are women; leaving men tucked away in a space where they fill the voids through avenues like live gay sex cams. Homosexuality in America, though legal, still has a long way to go before it is accepted en masse. The thought of men being available for purchase typically comes with the question of who is buying? Well… who usually buys sex? MEN! However, isn’t it unfair to limit the scope of purchasing power for those who travel to Vegas for the sake of having uninhibited and private sex with the prostitute of their dreams.



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The fight to get legislation moving forward to include men in the sex workers who can monetize their bodies is going to be interesting. Pop culture has made light of the male sex work industry by showing you images of male strippers at bachelorette parties, the glamorous life of the gigolo, and scenes that paint those who patronize male sex workers as overjoyed and happy. Prostitution as a commodity is very controversial and makes many citizens uneasy, but in the face of a generation determined to do what the fuck they want—it’s not surprising to see a serious push from men to be included in the language that allows for legal prostitution.


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Men typically fill the void of their presence on the prostitution scene by performing on live sex webcam shows that bring in massive audiences from all over the world. Stefano, Kevin Warhol, Alton Sterling, and Christopher Danzel reign from different areas of the globe, but bring a universal good time to those who indulge in viewing sexy men on cam. Understanding the appeal of a live gay cam show and the sex market’s void space for male workers, it is interesting to think of the reality that you could interact with your fave guys in person at a brothel. The guy who has been making you cum as he details all of the things he wants to do to you now lies in front of you ready to make those fantasies a reality… Yes, sign me up!


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It seems that opening up the sex market of Nevada to men could have promising implications for business owners and performers alike. Tourism in Vegas alone brings about plenty of men who want to release their loads on the prostitutes that are readily available. However, expanding that market can appeal to a totally different demographic and bring in new clientele to support the booming sex industry. The possibilities are endless and when you think of the magic of live sex cams being made available in the flesh, you have a win win situation that I’m sure few will mind once they get into it.

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