Archie and Ayden Have ALL THE FUN at Sean Cody

February 8, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Archie and Ayden - Sean Cody]

After some fun on the beach, Archie and Ayden head back to the Sean Cody house to have some fun on the couch.

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Archie is such a showman. But he's cute as hell, so it's fine.

Looks like they got to have that fun in the sun that Sean Duran wanted so badly to have earlier this week, but his bf Julian Knowles wanted to stay in and fuck. Archie and Ayden show us you can have both!


Back in October, Archie had some fun with Brayden:

If you're sensing the same pattern I am, Archie will next be paired with a Jayden and Okayden. Maybe it'll be a gangbang with Brayden, Ayden, Jayden and Okayden. Time will tell.

[WATCH: "Archie and Brayden: Bareback" - Sean Cody]

But now, he's having fun with Ayden - and they look like a match!

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Ayden and Archie are both ripped - think they're a match?

From Sean Cody:

The sun is out, and so are the boys! Muscular hunk Archie and ripped cutie Ayden worship each other's nearly nude bodies with a bottle of sunscreen. "It squirted all over you," says brown-haired Archie. "Man, just rub it in," replies Ayden as Archie sensually rubs the lotion into his chest. "These are some nice shoulders, and you're so muscular," comments Archie. "You are too," responds Ayden while flexing his arms. They lock lips for a passionate kiss, and slowly make their way into a private room. Ayden drops to his knees in hurry taking in Archie's manhood. "Damn, you don't waste any time!" says Archie leaning back to enjoy his wet blowjob.

But before they got hot and heavy on the couch, they got hot on the shore.

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Everyone needs a little fun - and a little sun - every once in a while.

And then Archie fucked Ayden's hole wide open.

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Think Ayden likes Archie's dick?

He even rode it until he came - both boys look in ecstasy!

gay sex at Sean Cody

Ayden riding until he cums!

Which Sean Cody stud would you rather? Fuck Ayden, or take Archie's cock?


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