All The Nude Scenes From Everyone's Favorite Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield!

January 23, 2019 | Posted in gay by fleshbot


From Mr. Man:

Is that lasagne in your pants or are you just happy to see me, Andrew Garfield? The model-gorgeous actor is half British, half American, and all hunk, and has stripped down more times than you might think! In 2009’s catchy-titled Red Riding: In the Year of our Lord 1974, Garfield bared his heavenly bod, butt, and even his undies bulge during a hot and heavy sex sesh!

Three years later Andrew Garfield became the name on everyone’s salivating tongues when he nabbed to titular role in The Amazing Spider-Man. Audiences were flinging white stuff of their own when Garfield debuted his shredded gym bod. Here comes the… well… you! Garfield was again beyond buff in 2016’s war drama Jackoff Ridge. I mean Hacksaw Ridge! Where he’s ridged for your pleasure.

That same year Garfield gave us the skinny on Martin Scorsese’s flick Silence. And in 2017, he shared a shockingly sexy gay smooch with daddy Stephen Colbert. We truly saved the best for last, because Garfield was never hotter (or nuder!) than in 2018’s Under the Silver Lake. Highlights include a look at Garfield's hot butt as he bangs a lucky lady from behind. As well as a great look at dat plump rump as he runs in the buff. I hate Mondays. But I love Garfield’s ass!

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