What You Missed: Diego Alvaro takes bare daddy dick from Thomas Friedl (Behind Friends)

January 25, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by bf_andrey

Okay, you might not have missed it, but I did. I am chastising several people right now for not telling me about this video from Behind Friends because it has basically everything I need to be firing off an epic load, which is exactly what I did when I watched it.

Diego Alvaro's perfect jerking morning routine (Behind Friends)

Diego Alvaro's perfect jerking morning routine

If you have a thing for hot daddies with some muscle (don't we all?) you have to be more than familiar with hunky stud Thomas Friedl. This big guy is awesome to watch, and never more so than when he's going to town on a hot young twinky butt and busting out one of his big loads.

Diego Alvaro is Thomas' friend's son, a boy who should technically be off-limits to a friend of the family and a business partner, but you know how dicks have a mind of their own and there's no way in hell the big guy is gonna hold back when such a tight little ass is begging for that raw meat!

Step into Daddy's Office (Behind Friends)

Step into Daddy's Office

Diego gets his dad's friend enticed with a few little selfies he took in the bath earlier and before you know it he's sucking on that awesome dong. Jealous much? His expert mouth worships that juicy piece like a lollipop, as the boys of Behind Friends are prone to do, his tongue swirling around that swollen uncut tip and lapping up as much precum as he can get, then it's time to open up and take a ramming that will leave the boy not only drained of his own cream but with a big splashing wad of man juice all over his adorable face!

I Guess Those Naughty Pics Really Turned on Dad's Friend! (Behind Friends)

I Guess Those Naughty Pics Really Turned on Dad's Friend!

Seriously, I don't think there's a boy out there reading this who wouldn't love to take a slamming from this big guy. I'm mostly a top these days, but I would be on that cock quicker than you could say "Fuck me daddy!"

Thomas Mixes Business and Pleasure with Diego Alvaro (Behind Friends)

Thomas Mixes Business and Pleasure with Diego Alvaro

Now you have to wonder if Thomas ever told his friend he'd fucked his son and cum in his face. Who are we kidding, they probably jacked off together over it.




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