Ricky Roman and Wess Russel Aren't Dating, But They Fuck Beautifully In-Sync at Cockyboys

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Ricky Roman Welcomes Wess Russel Back To Cockyboys With A Nice Raw Dick-Down

Ricky Roman Fucks Wess Russel

Looks like Wess Liked Ricky's dick...

And nothing says welcome back like making you cum all over your chest.

Wess Russel is new-ish to Cockyboys. He's got a few scenes under his belt - his last was with Josh Moore in the "Before the Afterglow" series.

Wess's got a hot muscular body, yet a soft-spoken, calm demeanor, which is a nice juxtaposition in today's gay porn.

He also loves bottoming, and Ricky Roman loves topping - Match made in heaven, right?

Ricky Roman Rims Wess Russel

Ricky couldn't get enough of Wess's ass or body.

From Cockyboys:

Wess Russel returns to Cockyboys and Ricky Roman is VERY excited to welcome him back! After spending a little time together, Ricky notices that his chemistry with Wess is increasing the more they chat.... and make out! Ricky soon wants to taste Wess and is down on his knees sucking his steel-hard rock and making it disappear down his throat. After his fantastic fellatio, Ricky bends Wess over to eat his ass and open him up.

Ricky gets an obedient Wess on the bed to suck him more and get into an intensely pleasurable 69 with him. Ricky tells Wess he wants to fuck him and as he makes out with him, Wess doesn't mince words, "Well then...fuck me!"

Ricky wasn't done using his mouth on Wess's body just yet, though, so they sucked each other in 69.

Ricky Roman and Wess Russel 69

These two aren't dating, but they move like they are.

THEN, Wess got to hop on Ricky's cock.

Look how happy Wess and his cock are!

Ricky Roman Fucks Wess Russell

Wess is having a good time on Ricky's cock!

Ricky fucks Wess into the high heavens and they both keep using their mouths on each other.

Gay Bareback Sex at Cockyboys

Ricky and Wess share a loving kiss.

Ricky can't get enough and finally floods Wess's ass with cum.

Gay Creampie at Cockyboys

Ricky loved Wess's ass so much, he came inside it.

What do you think of Wess Russel? Who else at Cockyboys would you like to see him paired with?


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