Zach Gets His Virgin Ass Fucked at the FraternityX House

January 18, 2019 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Zach's Takin' It - FraternityX]

When the FraternityX Master Has to Pay Bills, He Picks The Virgin Of The House to Give It Up!

FraternityX Gay Creampie

The bills may or not be paid, but that ass is full of cum.

Fun fact about me: I was in a fraternity in college. And while my personal experience didn't mirror that of FraternityX (sorry to break it to you) there's one similarity:

In our pledge manuals, there's one statement that still sticks out to all of us:

"Brotherhood begins when the bills are paid."

(TBH you may know the fraternity based off of that.)

And when the bills come due in the FraternityX house, they pay them the best way they know how:

Fucking the virgin pledge.

Zach's Takin It - FraternityX

Think Zach is liking it?

From FraternityX:

We sittin' here getting smashed thinkin' about what we should do for our next vid update. Bills are coming around and Zach ain’t never had a dick in his booty. So it’s his turn, and it don’t matter what he says. Grab your brews, we goin' for a ride!

I can't tell if Zach likes it or it hurts....or both.

Gay Orgy at Fraternity X

Zach's hole finally starts opening up the longer it gets fucked.

The only thing that will make this better is cheap beer.

And it looks like as the guys hold Zach's legs up, his hole is opened even more.

Bareback Orgy at Fraternity X

The house has to do what they have to do, right?

Maybe some beer will open his hole even more.

Gay for Pay Porn

It ain't fun if the bottom can't have a little beer too!

After some intense fucking, looks like Zach isn't the only one that wants some dick in their ass!

Now it's not just a gangbang. Now it's an orgy.

Gay Fratboy Porn - FraternityX

Looks like Zach isn't the only one getting fucked...

Would you let the FraternityX boys un train on you?


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