Rob Gronkowski Flashes Some Peen At Locker Room Reporters

January 16, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

If you're all about fit, muscular dudes with hot bods and not much going on in the brain department, you'll love Rob Gronkowski. The New England Patriots tight end is a CTE poster-boy with a lot to show off - and boy does he love to show. it. off.

Rob Gronkowski nude in ESPN Body Issue

Usually he's pretty good at showing just enough skin before putting his pants back on. This time, though, Gronk has gone too far in all the right ways.

After the Pats beat the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday in the AFC Divisional Playoffs, Gronkowski, who is rumored to be retiring, joined the rest of his teammates for a post-game shower. Obviously there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, there's a lot right with that image.

As he was walking toward the showers while another player was being interviewed, the 6'6" pro athlete dropped his towel and showed his cock to the camera and for a split-second - which is frankly all we needed to get a good enough look at it.

Check it out.

Did you catch it? Let's look a little closer...

Rob Gronkowski nude GIF

There it is. Now enjoy playing that a few hundred times, I know I did.

Two questions remain: Did Gronk drop his towel on purpose? Do we give a fuck either way? *shrugs*

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