David Beckham Rocks Turquoise Eyeliner For 'Love' Magazine

January 8, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Where would the world be without David Beckham? First, we wouldn't have the power couple (power family?) known as The Beckhams, but we also wouldn't have an international straight, white, cisgender soccer superstar to help spread love and acceptance across the globe the way he does. Beckham, in a way, is a saving grace for many of us (he's also very fun to look at).

David "Daddy" Beckham has done it again, y'all. He's rocked a lot of different styles and products over the years - like his own underwear collection at H&M - and some of us have been there every step of the way to collect all the shirtless posters of him.

This time, though, he's trying something new: makeup.

Beckham is on the cover of the next issue of 'Love', a bi-annual British magazine that celebrates humankind in all shapes, sizes, and forms. On it, he wears some bright turquoise eyeliner that, frankly, only he could pull off in such a way.

Inside, the magazine tells the story of how David balanced his confidence on the soccer field with his struggle to feel at ease when he wasn't playing the sport he's known to be a legend in.

Oh, and don't worry. I don't think the "guyliner" trend is coming back any time soon (at least I hope it's not). But when it comes to coloring outside the lines a little bit, who better than David Beckham to show us that anything - even bright turquoise eyeliner - can be sexy?

Seriously. Who?

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