Scott Eastwood’s Shirtless Beach Candids Reveal A Real Live Actual Man

December 18, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


After some light Spotlighting, I can’t really tell if Scott Eastwood shares his dad Clint Eastwood’s Trump racism-defending / Obama-bashing political views, but I still like to imagine that Scott is somewhat like papa Gran Torino. A MAN’s man with outdated worldviews and the endangered big game trophies in his living room to prove it hunty!

We’re getting off track. Basically the thirty-two-year-old Scott Eastwood is about as manly as manly can be, and if there was ever any doubt, you can check out these manly ass beach candids. He has a 1950’s Hollywood MAN body, and while I can’t define exactly what that means, just know that it is true.

Scott is tan for the premature aging Gay Gawds, and he really does have a gorgeous manly man face and head of hair you could lose a dick in. What else can I say? The guy’s a biological man and I live. These are special candid shots worth millions of dollars, so you’ll have to hit the link below to see Scott Eastwood’s pap beach pics. Enjoy this MAN. He even literally smokes! Swoon. 

Head HERE for the sexy MAN pics

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