See K.J. Apa's Gay Kiss From Riverdale Right Here

November 15, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Well well well well well*. The time has come. You probably can picture every inch of K.J. Apa above the dick root thanks to his basically thousands of shirtless scenes and social snaps. And you can probably close your eyes and make out his dick and ball outline, which we saw during his homosexy Riverdale wrestling match. But until last night's Riverdale episode The Great Escape, we didn't have a visual guide for K.J. Apa face fucking a dude! Well well well well well well well.



Creepy stuff happens in Riverdale, and currently there's like, gangs, and juvie, and stuff. No one knows 100% what's going on, but it's like in porn, when the plot is only meant to accentuate the hot guys. Not to overshadow them.

All those of you not watching Riverdale need to know is that Rob Raco's character Joaquin previously shared multiple gay kisses with cutie Casey Cott's Kevin. In last night's episode, his feelings got the best of him with straightie Archie (honestly, name a self-respecting gay who hasn't been there) and he leaned in for a brief but super hit lip lock! I know someone who can die happy. And his name is Rob Raco. Now that we have the K.J. Apa gay smooch visual, you can kick your internal fanfiction up to a ten! Well well well well well well.


*Said like Cartman obvy

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