Robin Valej Checks Aron Ros' Luggage At The Airport...And His Package Too

November 8, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Airport Security]

When Airport Security Manager Robin Valej Finds A Sex Toy in Aron Ros's Luggage, He Gives Aron A Full-Body Check at Str8Hell

Honestly, this should be part of the whole airport screening process as it is. It would take longer time, but would make the process less stressful! And it would definitely be more effective than making everyone take their shoes off.

(All that said, why do Eastern European guys always look so disinterested in the porn they're making? I hate performative sex, but they always just look like they're going through motions.)

Dildo Porn at Str8Hell

Looks like Robin Valej knows how to give a full-body search for sure!

From Str8Hell:

Robin Valej is in charge of Airport Security when the sexy Aron Ros is sent in for inspection. Robin checks Aron luggage, finding some sex toys. This gives Robin some ideas and he soon has his cock out and is pushing it into Aron's mouth. As Aron suck on that cock Robin bares his chest. Then both of them get naked, with Robin laying on the table for Aron to continue sucking him. Once Robin is satisfied with how Aron suck his he moves on to something more, bending Aron over to check his ass. He inserts a toy into that sexy ass. Once the ass is opened enough Robin slides his dick deep inside and fucks Aron.

First Robin has Aron suck his cock...

Aron Ros Sucks Robin Valej

T&A > TSA tbh

But then after some toy play, they move str8 to fucking.

European Bareback Gay Porn

Robin just doing his part to ensure Aron's security process is as stress free as possible.

Aaron looks like he can't take it...

Robin Valej Fucks Aron Ros

Just making sure he's carrying no liquids on his person before getting on the plane.

Or maybe it felt just right...

Aron Ros and Robin Valej

Looks like Robin liked it too...

Gay Cumshot at Str8Hell

Now THAT's how to work airport security.

Str8Hell? More like G4yHeaven if you ask me. Have you ever had a full body search like Robin Valej's?


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