Michael Stax and Michael Delray Make Love One Last Time

November 6, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: One Last Time - Icon Male]

Before they go their separate ways (and Michael Stax goes back to his wife) Michael Delray and Michael Stax fuck one last time at Icon Male

And Michael apparently gives it all he's got. Look at that ass work.

Michael Stax Fucks Michael Delray

Look at that twink booty bounce.

As Nelly Furtado once said, "Flames to dust, lovers to friends; why do all good things come to an end?" Sadly, the time has come for Michael and Michael (ugh) to end their affair, and for Michael Stax to go back to his wife. But before they do, they have one last fuck.

And with a dick like that, don't act like you wouldn't try to get one last time on Michael Stax's dick.

Gay Porn Model Michael Stax

The skinny ones always have paper towel roll dicks.

From Icon Male:

Michael Stax's wife is becoming suspicious of his affair he's having with Michael Delray. Things are getting out of hand. Michael tells him to go back to his wife and forget what they ever had. But it isn't that easy they need to fuck each other one more time before it's time to say goodbye. If it is goodbye...

By the way, if you missed it, yesterday was Michael Delray's birthday.

You should donate to his Amazon Wishlist.

I'm kidding.

After a little kissing, Delray wastes no time going down on Stax's cock.

And what a cock it is!

Michael Delray Sucking Cock

Michael Delray giving it all he's got one last time.

Stax gives him a little head in return.

But no rimming. Ugh

Michael Stax Sucking Cock

Michael Stax having a final taste!

Before going back to his wife, Stax gives Delray's ass all he's got.

Shout out to the hideous purple curtain in the back.

Michael Stax Fucks Michael Delray

If it's the last time, make the most of it.

Both guys "shoot" massive loads of cum in the end.

Shouts out to the fake cum!

One last time - Icon Male

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Please press F to pay respects.

Do you think this will be the last time these two meet?


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