Baseball Star Spencer Medick Is Literally Your Zaddy In Hairy And Hot Dick Pics

November 5, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency No thank you. 23andMe? Never heard of her. No genealogy or genetic testing is needed to determine that Arizona Diamondback baseball star Spencer Medick is indeed your biological zaddy. Congratulations! Medick has a super hot and hairy body complete with the endangered au naturel bush. Throw in a nice bat and balls and a cute face, and he's a touchdown!

In between his grueling schedule of patting his teammates on the ass and adjusting his cup in front of their wanting eyes, Medick made time to snap these truly epic sporty dick pics. He even appears to be stripping out of his adorable baseball capris, which helps make these even gayer than you think they're going to be. And then of course there's the deliciously smooth ass and thick jizz wad. Needless to say, your asshole will need a medic after seeing Medick! Rite. Um. Ladies? No, that was tragic. Is this time change really fucking with anyone else's brain? Anyway enjoyzzzzzies!

Head HERE for the dick pics

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