Drake Masters Gives James Stevens A Private Show. James Gives Drake A Blowjob in Return.

November 5, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "Otter Erotic: Scene 3" - Raging Stallion]

When James Stevens is late to Drake Masters' show, the Raging Stallion stud more than makes up for it

How, you ask? By giving Drake's Raging Stallion a raging blowjob.

James Stevens Blows Drake Masters

Drake's stallion was raging in no time!

Raging Stallion continues its return to its roots and what made them famous (hairy, rugged dudes) with the current trend in gay porn(blowjob-only scenes). They've finally moved away from "Sex on a box" scenes, and the result has been nothing short of pleasantly surprising.

"Otter Erotic" continues the trend, and no two dudes better personify this than Drake Masters and James Stevens.

Drake Masters Blows James Stevens

Drake loves sucking cock as much as he likes getting his cock sucked.

From Raging Stallion:

James Stevens is late to Drake Masters' show on the main stage but when Drake takes one look at James, Drake is more than willing to stick around a little longer for a private after-show. Drake doesn't waste a minute and drops to his knees to work on James' thick hairy cock, taking it in and out of his mouth all the way down to his big fuzzy balls. James loves the way Drake's mouth feels wrapped around his throbbing cock and he picks up the pace to face fuck the hairy hunk.

Drake Stevens's cock looks like a mouthful,  but James never met a cock he couldn't take.

You can see the eagerness in his eyes!

Otter Erotic Scene 3 - Raging Stallion

James really waster no time.

After Drake couldn't take any more of James Stevens's mouth, he paid James back with some ass-to-mouth.

Drake Masters Blows James Stevens

Who wouldn't take a nice butt-licking?

Instead of swallowing, though, both guys cum in each others' beards.

Gay cumshots at raging stallion

Rub that cum into your beard. probably good for it.

Maybe that's how they grow so thick and full!

Drake Masters Cums in James Stevens Beard

The rewards of getting your buddy off.

If Raging Stallion continues this trend, 2019 may just be their year.

What do you think of Raging Stallion's return to their hairy roots?


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