Have You Seen Kaylan Morgan's Huge Penis Today?

November 2, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Do you ever see someone so freakishly, blindingly, unfathomably, disturbingly gorgeous that you want to have sex with him (obvy) but also fear that he might be the antichrist (plot twist)? But then have sex with him anyway (obvy)? Well in walks 6' 1" model Kaylan Morgan, who serves lewks so devilishly fierce that surely dark forces are afoot! And speaking of a foot, his dick - which can be seen in some early-years modeling pics - is a foot long!

Morgan has a head of dark lock so thick you could lose a dick in it, chiseled for the Gay Gawds facial features, eyegoddamnBROWS, and a body so lean yet somehow also ripped that we could only possibly have one man to thank. Satan. You nasty freak. Morgan is now thirty-three-years-old, and has appeared in major and majorly skankilicious ad campaigns for the likes of Harper's Bazaar, Diesel, and Jean Paul Gaultier. But, as always, his best work can be found on the Dark Gay Web! Check out his epic frontal and taint-forward shots in the gallery, and then tell all your friends "I saw Kaylan Morgan's huge penis today."



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