Pascal Mauri Makes His BelAmi Debut

November 2, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Adam Archuleta and Pascal Mauri - BelAmi]

Straight from Freshmen, Pascal Mauri makes his debut with BelAmi Legend Adam Archuleta

Pascal Mauri Blows Adam Archuleta

Looks like he likes Adam's cock...

It's always a little daunting to make a porn debut. What will you expect? Sure, everyone can have sex but having sex and making it look good for a camera is a little different.

Therefore, it can be nice when a porn studio pairs a vet like Adam Archuleta, with a newbie like Pascal Mauri. It takes some of the awkward away, and can be hot to watch a vet manhandle a newb.

Teaching Pascal to suck.

Teaching Pascal to suck.

We haven't featured Adam Archuleta on Fleshbot in a while.

In fact, We last saw Adam Archuleta helping hottie Kris Evans make his bareback bottom Debut:

[WATCH: Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta, and Jean-Daniel - Belami]

But a lot has changed since then. Carly Rae Jepsen invented gay rights, and now all the american gays can get married now. So of course we had to feature him again.

And now he's back to help out Pascal Mauri.

Adam Archuleta Pascal Mauri Belami

Ain't nothing like the real thing.

From BelAmi:

We see today that Joel is slipping into his role as coordinator of our Hungarian boys quite well, introducing newcomer Pascal Mauri to Adam. For those of you who also subscribe to Freshmen, Pascal needs little introduction, but this is his first outing here on BelAmiOnline as part of our 25 new boys celebration. Pascal will be back again shortly on Freshmen as part of our upcoming Bootcamp series.

Looks like the two are super into each other.

bareback sex at belami

Is that a look of pleasure?

What do you think of Pascal Mauri? Which BelAmi boy do you think he should be paired with next?


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