Andy Taylor and Johnny Hands First Date Ends In A Bareback Fuck!

October 30, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: Stressed - Helix Studios]

After Johnny Hands and Andy Taylor discover they can't keep their hands off each other, these Helix Studios twinks head back to the bedroom for some raw fun

Because why waste time dating someone if the sex isn't good?

Twink Bareback Porn at Helix Studios

Looks like these two are making a dessert of their very own.

They say "stressed is desserts spelled backwards" (spell it backwards and see.) But when it's some bareback sex, after you've had a great date with another twink, is it really stress?

Ask Andy Taylor, who ended up ass-out on Johnny Hands' tongue after a great first date.

Looks more like stress relief if you ask me.

(sidenote: this is how my second date with my current boyfriend ended.)

Johnny Hands Rims Andy Taylor

Johnny Hands? More like Johnny Tongue.

From Helix Studios:

Andy Taylor is on his first date with super hunk Johnny Hands on the Vegas strip. The two hit it off and can't keep their "hands" to themselves. The conversation flows freely and immediately leads to "feelin' kinky" and other flirty chatter. The date goes so well, the perfect pair strut down the strip hand in hand toward their dick thrusting destiny. Behind closed doors, their fuck me please pheromones flow like wild fire...If this is their FIRST date, just imagine their SECOND!

Looks like the chemistry has continued to the bedroom...

Is this what happiness looks like?

Dessert - Helix Studios

Looks like chemistry to me.

And Andy is eager for some cock.

What is this look on Johnny's face? Does anyone know?

Andy Taylor Blows Johnny Hands

Dessert? More like meat stick for an appetizer.

Once the foreplay is done, these two were ready for the main course: Some raw fun.

Johnny Hands Fucks Andy Taylor

This is how all first dates should start and end.

Once Andy was nice and open, Johnny pounded him until they both came.

And after Johnny came, he pushed it RIGHT back in until Andy shot his load. Fun date!

Johnny Hands and Andy Taylor at Helix Studios

I bet these two will have a second date - do you?

How are you liking Andy Taylor's return to Helix Studios? Who should he date next?


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