Andy Taylor Makes A Return to Helix Studios

October 19, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: "#Helix: Luke Wilder and Andy Taylor" - Helix Studios]

After a small break, Helix Studios sets Andy Taylor up with Luke Wilder for their latest #Helix scene

Luke Wilder Fucks Andy Taylor

Andy looks like he likes his returning present.

Nearly all gay porn stars retire, but we won't call it that. Sometimes you just need a little break - Bruce Beckham did the same thing last year. We'll call Andy Taylor's resurgence at Helix studios a re-return, and it's nice to see him back, especially paired with hot newbie Luke Wilder.

The boys answer some twitter questions, including Luke showing off his muscles for a little flex:

Not sure if Andy is over it, or wants to get under them.

Nonetheless, one question leads to another, and you know how this goes.

Luke Wilder flexes for Andy Taylor

This is one of those images that could have "caption this" on it.


One of our MOST popular models, Andy Taylor is BACK and, has a ton of tasty tiles coming your way right here at Helix! We've hooked Andy up with one of our HOTTEST new models, Luke Wilder as a welcome home present and the porntastic sparks fly from the jump! ...Thanks to you, the guys get into everything. They swap lifeguard stories, talk about what their dream date would be and, of course their favorite sex positions. Andy even chats about his past scenes a bit, then teases some special upcoming surprises he's already filmed, which, you will only see here! The Twitter requests always get the guys groin's geared up for gorgeous scenes; and this sex soaked, superstar scene is absolutely out of this world!

One thing we love about Luke Wilder is that he's extremely oral.

Looks like Andy loves it too...

Luke Wilder Rims Andy Taylor

That's how you welcome someone back to a studio!

Luke even sucks cock!

Luke Wilder Sucks Andy Taylor at Helix Studios

Luke loves sucking twink cock as much as he loves eating twink ass, it looks like.

After all that oral attention, Andy was ready to get on his knees for muscular Luke:

Andy Taylor blows Luke Wilder

After he rims Andy, he opens his ass even more.

Then Andy got on his back and opened his legs.

Bareback gay porn at helix studios

Out of all the positions Luke doesn't like, it looks like he doesn't like this one the most.

THAT is how you make a return, girls.

Who at Helix would you like to see Andy Taylor paired with next?


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