Milo Ventimiglia Bulges Out In Tighty-Whities On New This Is Us

October 18, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

The four of us who don't watch primetime soap This Is Us are missing out on exploded Crock-Pots, and exploded panties! The one, the only, the freakishly handsome, the Italian, the head of hair you could lose a dick in owner, the stage four fuckable Milo Ventimiglia's character Jack Pearson famously went ass out in the show's very first episode, and while he keeps those perfect plump cheeks covered for the most recent episode - the fourth one into the third season, titled Vietnam - we get to see his mouthwatering bulge in some tighty-whities!



The episode *spoiler* flashbacks to Jack's time serving in The Vietnam War with his brother Nick, and in one scene, he strips down to just his undies for a naughty doctor's visit. As is consistent with the show's tearjerker nature, from what I gather everything in the episode is depressing. But, but, more importantly, Nick is played by the sexy Michael Angarano, and he also goes shirtless (pic in gallery) to show off his banging army bod! With all due. Do you want to jack Nick, or dick Jack? Spillz!


For the full scene, head here

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