"So I guess we'll be sexually compatible, but there's only one way to find out for sure"

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[WATCH: Archie and Brayden - Sean Cody]

Sean Cody's Archie and Brayden move from the park to the bedroom to test their compatibility.

We've all been there - you meet a guy, and there aren't sparks, but it's fine. You're wondering if you should go through with hooking up. And you know you shouldn't have, but you did it anyway and regretted it.

Archie and Brayden wanted to be absolutely sure they were into each other before they did it. They were into each other initially, but wanted to confirm it in the bedroom. And, well:

Bareback Porn at Sean Cody

Looks like that dick is compatible with that butt.

From Sean Cody:

Buff hunk Brayden and muscular, boyish Archie take a minute to admire each other's hard bodies before going off to play. "I definitely like muscle, and you have plenty of muscle on you. Hair is way hot too!" says Brayden, as he feels Archie's chest and abs. "Damn, you've got those things too! I'd say we have some good qualities that we share together," replies brown-haired Archie. "Sexually, I like to be dominated," says Brayden. "You like to be dominated? That's surprising for a guy as muscular as you are, but that's what I like doing," responds Archie. "Awesome!" exclaims Brayden. "So I guess we'll be sexually compatible, but there's only one way to find out for sure," says Archie. "How's that?" says Brayden coyly. "Ohh, by fucking!" retorts Archie. They lean in for a few more kisses before heading off to see just how compatible they are.

They're both similar in build - nice abs, nice arms - but does that mean they'll fare well in the bed?

Archie and Brayden Flex

Similar features - will they be compatible?

He may be a muscle boy, but he sure likes getting his muscle ass eaten...

Archie Rims Brayden at Sean Cody

OK Who doesn't like to be rimmed?

And sure likes working the muscle in the back of his mouth to service that cock...

Is there anything better than a muscular submissive bottom?

Brayden Blows Archie at Sean Cody

Brayden may be muscular, but loves to service.

Archie loved fucking that muscle butt, and Brayden loved getting it...

Archie Fucks Brayden Bareback

Giving that ass up nicely.

Then Archie pumped Brayden's prostate until they both erupted in cum.

Gay missionary sex at Sean Cody

Sometimes you have to lie there and take it!

Looks like compatibility to me.

How compatible do you think the Sean Cody boys are? Would you watch them fuck again?


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