"That's A Hot Story!"

October 17, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

[WATCH: A Little Closer - Icon male]

Max Sargeant and Mason Lear share the story of how they fucked the same guy - Max's nephew - and then fuck each other at Icon Male

Because a hot story can lead to hotter action. While Mason's dick made Max make all kinds of moans and groans, I do wonder, though, if Max made his nephew say uncle.

I'll now see myself out.

But before I do, It looks like Mason Lear is feeling something about Max!

Guess he likes him some daddy dick.

Gay Sex at Icon Male

Looking to see how good his nephew's friend fucks...what do you think?

From Icon Male:

After chatting on the couch Max Sargent and Mason Lear get a little closer. They cannot handle the chemistry they have between each other. Exchanging passionate kisses which escalades to epic sex leaving them both with cum filled orgasms!

Once the two can't take anymore and the passion boils over, Max bends over to service Mason.

Max Sargeant Sucks Mason Lear

Max looks like he WANTS some dick.

And before he sticks it, Mason licks it.

Mason Lear Rims max Sargeant

What would you do if daddy's ass was in your face?

And then, of course, he sticks it.

Sidenote - can we talk about how a lot of porn is shot in beautiful hotels and mansions, and this was just done in someone's living room? Why do they still have a landline phone?

Ok back to the porn.

A Little Closer - Icon Male

I love how they put the towel down to protect the couch.

Max looks like he's enthralled by Mason's dick, and his eyes.

He'll be cumming in no time.

Mason Lear Fucks Max Sargeant

Missionary position is the best position.

Then Mason and Max cum a hot load all over daddy's chest.

I bet this won't be the last time...

Max Sargeant Cumshot - Icon Male

A nice load of real cum!

What do you think of Max Sargeant's reign at Icon Male of late? Is he the perfect daddy?


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